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【Amazing China】踏春新玩法:宫里学英语(3)

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  原标题:【Amazing China】踏春新玩法:宫里学英语(3)

  2020年是故宫博物院建院95周年,也是紫禁城建成600周年。故宫是世界上规模最大、保存最完整的古代木结构宫殿建筑群。《Amazing China》连续三天,带给你“踏春新玩法:宫里学英语”。我们已经聊过了是故宫总体风格、规模,午门、内金水桥和太和门,今天是“踏春新玩法:宫里学英语”的第三集,我们来参观一下故宫的三大殿。

  边走边看 ? 游故宫

  小Tips:Copper and Iron Vats 铜缸 铁缸

  Ming copper vats feature iron rings on the two ears, a wider upper body with a narrower base. Qing copper vats featuer copper rings on the two ears with animal mask design and a large body. At present, there are 308 vats in the palace museum.


  Copper and iron vats in the Forbidden City were used for fire fighting, and usually filled with water. Between the tenth and the second lunar month of the following year, the vat would be wrapped with cotton cloth, and covered with a lid.



  边走边听 ? 游故宫

  太和殿?The Hall?of?Supreme?Harmony

  The Hall of Supreme Harmony indicates the hope of harmonyin the world. It's the paramountpalace in the Forbidden City, and it was also called the "Majestic Palace" in the folk, where the emperors held ceremonies and celebrations.

  太和殿的含义是希望普天下的祥和。它是紫禁城中的至尊金殿,即民间所谓皇宫中的“金銮宝殿”, 这里是皇帝举行重大朝典之地。?

  The Hall of Supreme Harmony is one of the largestpalaces in the Forbidden City, and is also the highest ancient palace buildings. Inside and outside of the hall was decorated with hundreds of thousands of gold dragon, ten ridge beastswere installedon the roof, making it the only one in the extant ancient buildings.

  太和殿是紫禁城中最大的殿宇, 也是中国现存最高的古代宫殿建筑。 大殿内外饰以成千上万条金龙,屋脊安设十个脊兽,这在现存古建筑中仅此一例。

  The hall has a variety of furnishings for the exclusiveuse of the emperor. The emperor's thronewas placed on a two-meter high white jade daisin the center which was adornedwith giltand engravedwith patterns of cloud and nine dragons.


  The Hall of Supreme Harmony used to be the throne hall for ceremonies which marked great occasions: Windter Solstic, the Spring Festival, emperor's birthday and enthronement, and the dispatch of generals to battles, etc. On such occasions there would be imperial guards standing in front of the hall that extendedall the way to the Meridan Gate.


  中和殿?The Hall?of?Central?Harmony

  It located between the Hall of Supreme Harmony and the Hall of Preserving Harmony. At the beginning, it was named CanopyTemple. In Qing Dynasty, the hall was renamed by Shunzhi Emperor. The Hall of Central Harmony means to take the middle road and pursue the harmony of the world. Here the emperor rehearsed for ceremonies, had temporary rest and accepted the pilgrimageof officals etc.

  中和殿位处太和殿与保和殿之间。起初叫华盖殿。清顺治帝入主紫禁城后改名中和殿,意为秉中庸之道,求天下和顺。 皇帝在升太和殿举行大典前,先在此准备,暂憩, 并接受官员的朝拜。

  保和殿?The Hall?of?Preserving?Harmony

  It is third palace in which banquets and imperial examinations were held, and it means to keep consciousnessand attitude concentrated, and to share harmoniousworld. Qing emperor Shunzhi and Kangxi once live here.




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